What's So Special About SXM?

Envision a charming treasure of the Caribbean where enthusiastic culture meets breathtaking landscape. Silky winds, vibrant golden sun, and sparkling waters merge to raise a truly diverse mixture of exotic spices. Here in St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten, all your dreams can come true: from watching airplane to slide over miles of powdery sandy beach, scornful Calypso King and feathery costumes during Carnival Season, as well as spoiling your taste bud with rich French Caribbean cuisine. All possibilities are limitless in St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten. You are free to live in the moment, explore endlessly and to indulge continuously. 

In this 37-square-mile island, two different cultures such as the Dutch and French, have learned to co-exist together to create a unique identity.  Island’s history starts with the discovery of St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten by Christopher Columbus in 1493.  Afterward, for 150 years, the island was in constant colonial conflict between the NetherlandsBritain, France, and Spain; that was until 1648 when France and the Netherlands agreed to divide and rule by two sovereigns. The island has been ruled by these two Kingdoms until October 10th, 2010 when the Dutch side of St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten gained independence. The Dutch side is still part of the Dutch Kingdom, but it is now an independent country within this Kingdom. Just like Aruba (1986) and Curacao (2010).

With a cultural heritage rooted back to mostly Europe and Africa, St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten has created a vibrant mosaic of 70 different rich cultures. Diversity does not stop in how many languages are spoken on the island: English, Dutch, French, French Creole, Spanish, Papiamento, and many other languages.  In Dutch St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten, English is the most frequently used language, but the Dutch language is still taught in schools. On the other side, French Saint Martin mostly consists of Francophone presence.  Yet, English is widely spoken by most parts of the island. 

Exploration is a way of life in St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten. From miles of Emerald landscapes with breathtaking auburn sunsets, duty-free shoppingannual yacht racing events like the Heineken Regatta, to exotic nightlife and casino, there is no a unique way to explore St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten. All you need to consider is how you wish to uncover this Caribbean beauty. Selected as one of the top nine islands in the world by the “U.S. News & World Report”, St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten has definitely become one of the most desired destinations by many who wish to exile to paradise. No matter what you seek for in your vacation spot, St. Maarten / St. Martin / Sint Maarten promises you an unforgettable experience.