Carwiz is the first Croatian rent-a-car operating in the Asian market

By signing a contract with Dongbo Air Services, we’ve become the first Croatian rent-a-car which has, by following current trends, recognized the value of the Asian market when it comes to global tourism development.
Carwiz is the first Croatian rent-a-car operating in the Asian market

At Carwiz, we’ve recognized the importance of connecting with the Asian market by signing a contract with a South Korean partner, Dongbo Air Services, a ground handling company in Korea with rent-a-car, railroad, air and water transport services.  

The number of South Korean tourists visiting Croatia in 2018. compared to 2016. has increased by almost 21%. Croatian National Tourist Board's research shows that almost 500,000 Korean tourists visited Croatia in 2018, and a positive growth trend of overnight stays is expected for 2019. 

Thanks to modern design, brand positioning, marketing strategy and high-quality service, we’ve become the frontrunners of innovative trend-setting within the rent-a-car industry, while recognizing an interesting market and accomplishing a business partnership.  

„Entering the South Korean market is a step founded on deep analysis and numbers,  therefore we are glad that our new partners have accepted our proposition. It's important to highlight that the market is constantly changing just like the habits of South Korean tourists who, in the past few years, went from tourists who exclusively use organized tours, too much more frequently travelling in their own arrangement.“ Explained Krešimir Dobrilović, the founder and CEO of Carwiz.

Tourists from a country where 90% of the inhabitants use the Internet want their habits nurtured even while travelling. The needs of every tourist are different, and that's why Carwiz has a wide variety of additional equipment in cars with an average age of 6 months:

„South Korean tourists differ from European tourists, mostly because the age of cars and all of the additional equipment is of the utmost importance to them- things like GoPro cameras and WiFi, without which they can't imagine life or travelling. Compared to European tourists, Koreans are less price-sensitive, and thereby ready to prepare a larger budget in order to travel with everything they could possibly need for creating unforgettable experiences.“ added Dobrilović.

 Tourists from Asian counties mostly visit Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik with the intention of visiting destinations such as Plitvice lakes and Krka falls, while almost the same number of 20-30-year-old tourists and 40-59-year-old tourists visit us on a yearly basis.