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Carwiz rent-a-car starts a new era of travel

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Carwiz rent-a-car starts a new era of travel

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Closed borders, cancelled flights and the world on lockdown have affected all of our lives, and with the spread of COVID-19, the seemingly usual activities have become a luxury. The doors to the outside world have been opened under strict regulation, which is why Carwiz is launching a new, safe era of travel. 



#onthemoveagain is Carwiz’s new project, providing rental services completely in compliance with strict measures of disinfection and new travel industry standards, ready to safely reach clients and take them to daily jobs or new adventures.


“The goal of our #onthemoveagain campaign is to encourage our clients to achieve all the things they dreamed about doing while they were at home, because the time has come to achieve it all together. 


We have taken on the role of a travel initiator, who  offers all the necessary security - new vehicles, additional vehicle disinfection and availability in each of our operating countries, but also security at a higher level given that we offer transportation where only you choose who you’ll be in contact with, which is currently crucial for all of us.” , explained Barbara Mrkić, global marketing director of Carwiz.


From the very beginning of the COVID-19 spread in the world, Carwiz has raised security measures and introduced mandatory vehicle disinfection, use of barriers in offices, protective masks and gloves in all its offices on as many as four continents, and with the aim of additional protection, all Carwiz employees worldwide work in several separated groups. 


Right now, Carwiz is launching a new, safe era of travel, encouraging their clients to visit destinations in Croatia such as Plitvice lakes, Učka, Paklenica and some other lesser known locations, while they hope to do the same very soon in all the 20 countries where Carwiz currently operates. 


Attractive prices for daily rentals and service meeting the highest standards of travel safety will both ensure that feeling when you’re going on a trip is exactly the same as we remember it. 


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