If your vehicle is equipped with a start and stop system, to reduce fuel usage and lover environment pollution, do not manually disable this function.

When standing (at a traffic light for example), put the gear shift knob in to neutral and move your leg from the clutch pedal. When you switch to first gear the engine will start in an instant. On vehicles with automatic or robotized transmission when standing hold the brake pedal, while releasing the brake pedal the engine will immediately start.

Clutch usage:

As to not damage the clutch, we advise you to switch to neutral and move your foot from the clutch pedal every time you stop. Also, never rest your foot on the clutch pedal, use the space that was intended for that. Only use the clutch pedal when moving forward or backward and switching gears.


The heating system and AC work only when the engine is on. If you want to keep the desired temperature level in the vehicle you may temporarily switch off the start stop system by pressing its switch.