CARWIZ International Teams Up with Green Mobility de Costa Rica for Expansion into Central America

CARWIZ International, a global leader in car rental services, is excited to announce its expansion into Costa Rica in partnership with Green Mobility de Costa Rica, a company led by CEO Felipe Alvarez Herrera. This strategic collaboration marks Carwiz's commitment to delivering excellent customer service and extending its global car rental market footprint.

Green Mobility de Costa Rica is poised to adopt Carwiz's innovative business model to provide high-quality car rental services to customers.

Felipe Alvarez Herrera, CEO of Green Mobility de Costa Rica, conveyed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are truly delighted to join forces with Carwiz, a renowned global leader in car rental services. Our goal is to provide our customers with a reliable car rental experience, and Carwiz's unwavering commitment to excellence perfectly aligns with our vision. We are happy to deliver top-notch car rental services to customers in Costa Rica and surpass their expectations."

CARWIZ International has been expanding its presence worldwide, with a track record of successful partnerships in Europe and beyond. The addition of Costa Rica to Carwiz's portfolio represents the company's commitment to tapping into new, vibrant markets.

Vladimir Banović, COO of CARWIZ International, commented on the expansion: "We are thrilled to partner with Green Mobility de Costa Rica as we expand into Central America. With our addition of Costa Rica to Carwiz family, through the partnership with Green Mobility, we are strengthening our position as a global leader in the car rental industry. Customers can expect reliable, affordable, and convenient car rental services backed by Carwiz's commitment to excellent customer service and innovation.”

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