Wiztalk - First Global Carwiz Conference in London

Today is the beginning of the new future for Carwiz
Wiztalk - First Global Carwiz Conference in London

Carwiz International is more than proud to announce that the first CARWIZ Global Conference had great success. We achieved significant global positioning quickly and became the fastest-growing rent-a-car franchise in the world! The only logical step was to hold a conference, to gather as many key people in the Carwiz network.

The conference was held in London and the goal was to present Carwiz's business model used in the entire Carwiz network which is strong in more than 30 countries worldwide on 5 continents, and more than 150 branch offices.

We had the opportunity to introduce our franchise partners from Poland, Greece, and the Czech Republic who shared their first-hand experiences and brought everyone closer to understanding the core of the rent-a-car business. With their efforts and hard work, they strengthen the value of the Carwiz brand every day and fight competition and obstacles in the market. Still, they do not falter in developing a successful Carwiz business model.

Carwiz franchise partners from Poland, Greece, and Czech Republic

Attendees also had a chance to hear presentations from the biggest brokers in the rent-a-car industry that are also Carwiz partners. After the brokers, providers of modern IT solutions, Fast Review, 365ID, and We Capture, shared some positive feedback from their side.

The greatest value of Carwiz International are professional and motivated employees, who together with the company's leaders contribute to growth and success every day, keeping in mind one goal - to become the leading rent-a-car franchise network on the global market.

Wiztalk, Carwiz First Global Conference

Carwiz CEO, Krešimir Dobrilović concluded the conference with the following statement “From the very beginning when we entered the market until today, we have nurtured the vision that Carwiz is more than just a business, therefore together with all our franchisees and other partners, we have developed the Carwiz family. Thanks to the business vision that we cherish, but also to the mutual recognition of the importance of setting up the rent-a-car industry, we have successfully implemented a business strategy in the markets where we operate around the world.”

Based on all the indicators, we can say that Carwiz has achieved incredible results and success since its inception, which makes us the fastest-growing Croatian franchise so far, proven by the award The best Croatian export Franchise, that we received from Global Franchise Association at the beginning of this year.


Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj. Sadržaj publikacije isključiva je odgovornost Carwiz d.o.o.